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Feast of the East

This feast just take us to the east part of india, its just a pack of joy and a roller coaster which takes us to Asam to Meghalaya to Bengal to Manipur. Wanna join the ride ?

Soups :

Chicken shourba:

Been served with purely minced chicken, it was so flavourful and mild as well, loved the way they prepared it.


Bhapa murgi : origin bengal

This is the combination of chicken, green chilly and garlic they have made everything into a paste n rolled it and steamed it with the banana leaf. They have cooked it we’ll still I was able to sense the strong salty flavour, surely they should be more careful while playing with salt.

Misa mach pora : origin Meghalaya

This tasted same like the south Indian styles prawn masala, prawn was juicy and fresh loved it. Coming to the taste it was mild spicy still again it’s was bit salty

Fish fry :

This is my favorite one, been fried with the bread crumbs it’s was damn crispy and juciy as well must try it.

Main course : we went directly with rotis and gravy, we had different types of gravy in which some is part of buffet menu too.

Eroma: origin Manipur

This is will make your mouth drool if your a lamb lover, they have perfectly cooked with mutton with veggies, it’s was mild and good. It’s a good side kicker for both rice and roti.

Tungtap: My favorite ( prawn pickle)

This one became my favorite, it a prawn which is been cooked in a style of pickel. It had a strong pickel taste, I just had a mouth watering experience, after taste was so good. Roti + pickle is a bomb :O😍😍

Egg dal :

Have you ever realize that a dal will go so well with egg ? Yes it’s egg dal. It’s a combination of dal + black dal and egg. It gave an unique taste. Still I felt veg dal was so scrumptious than the egg one.

Brown rice with mutton :

This one is again a unique one, been served with the brown basmati rice I just loved it, thought brown rice doesn’t taste that good as white rice still I recommend to go for it cause of the nutrition fact. Coming to the taste they have worked out a lot to make the brown rice tastier. They have well spiced up the rice it tasted same like the fried rice.


Rasamalai and gulab jamun, best gulab you can just grab how much ever you want =_=😍😍😍

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