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This place is located inside the Clarion hotel mylapore, which is located closer to the city centre. It’s quite a easy place to find.

Coming to the ambiance :

This place can make your jaw drop with their ambiance and they have stunning decors and wall hanging, which gave me a pleasent feel

Coming the service and food:

We just landed here for the trying their brunch menu, they have three different types of courses, 10 course menu, 15 and 20, 10 course menu staring with a price tag of 1700+ including alcohol ( beer or wine with limited quantity).

Coming the service:

I wasn’t totally amazed with service, they where too slow in delivering us the food, which made us little bored. Though all the people over their are friendly still they lag in delivering the food fast.


we had Kalan masala vada, bindi Kurkure and fish n chips, been allergic to mushroom I avoided Kalan vadai, I like the bindi Kurkure it was crispy and good with proper seasoning.

Fish and chips:

Bread crumbs were fried too deep which made it little hard n more crunchy even the fish texture got changed and it was little dry inside.

Murgh kabab:

From the first bite I was able to sense the strong flavour of garlic in it and chicken was too hard, would have been better if it was tender.

Honey chilli fish:

it’s was sooo good, loved the way they prepared it. It’s was juicy and honey made it dulcified it’s was soo good. It’s was sweet n spicy gave unique taste

Surely a scrumptious fish for sure

Lamb wonton :
this the first time I’m trying the lamb wonton they made it purely incredible, it’s was crispy outside n juicy inside loved it.

Urundai kuzhambu :

Urundai kuzhambu is most favourite dish of mine from childhood, but it was little disappointing, gravy was little blunt and even the Urundai was too hard to break it. It was supposed to be soft n juicy since they soak it in gravy for longer period. It’s surely a down fall

Dum lamb biriyani:

I personally dint like the biriyani been a biriyani lover I was so disappointed biriyani literally tasted so blunt no flavour in it. It was so dry and tasteless. Agian it’s a huge down fall.


Carrot halwa and gulab jamun with icecream, they were too good, I loved it.

Been paid 1700rs we would expect more delicious food, overall my rating would be

Food 2.5/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambiance 4.5/5

On a average scale I can give them 3/5.

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