Fusilli Reasons

Fusilli Reason the name says it that it is the pasta bar for sure. For those fusilli pasta lovers if you need a resaon to have fusilli here u have fusilli Reason. This place is always crowded, its hard to grab the seats, so most of the time i prefer to go for take away…

Royal Sandwich Shop

This is quite popular sandwich shop in Chennai located right opposite to Anna library. they have renovated the shop now to first floor now. If you are a sandwich lover and looking for different variety of sandwich, just close your eyes and land here. They have nearly 50 to 70 variety of sandwich here.

Tibbs Frankie

One of my Favorite place in anna nagar, when ever i feel to grab a quick bite. This is located right next to the shanti colony signal near vasantha bhavan. They make a delicious frankies which makes it enjoyable till the last bite, they present the frankie properly and give it to you.

Kanappa Fast Food Kilpauk

One of my favorite shop in chennai when ever i feel to have Thathu Idly, now its called aka vaishnav’s They deliver the best taste i have ever taste. What to have here ?

Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

When ever i feel about ice cream the first thing which come in my mind is Haagen Dazs and GMT for sure. Now i found a way to change those though, here comes amadora in the list for best ice-cream which we can have in chennai.

Spice Crush

Spice Crush the name tells that the food its been served here is going to be spicy and colorful for sure This is Located in Anna Nagar near high style. Newly built hot N spicy restaurant in Anna nagar for those people who doesnt know. Coming to the review i still wonder how this restaurant…

Sri Vaishnavaa’s chat shop

  One of my favorite shop in chennai when ever i feel to have Thathu Idly. They deliver the best taste i have ever taste. What to have here ?


Hey for the people who r looking for authentic Arabian food!! Here we have mashawi!! So whats special about mashawi ? Been quite popular restaurant in dubai this guys just landed here to amaze us Whats there special dish ?


I have got the invite from this place for reviewing their new menu “MAPLAI VIRUNTHU”, by seeing the name you can guess its going to the big feast for sure. So I was excited to try what the menu will be. MAPLAI VIRUNTHU is a typical tamil name means “feast which we give for new …


Paradise the name proves it Its Definitely the paradise for the biriyani lovers. All we know is it is popular for biriyani how about tikka’s ? The Delicious Tikka Just Scroll down to see it. Me and some of foodie got the invite from here for food review and for some blogging tips, Been a…