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A complete way to enjoy your healthy meal with luxurious ambiance with pocket friendly price tag.

I visited  this place to try their unlimited dim-sum and sushi, been charged just 899. They  serve the best  scrumptious sushi and dimsum i have ever tried. they have six different types  suchi and dimsum with 3 different types of salads and you can also choose one of their signature desserts.

Coming to the ambiance:

I personally loved the ambiance of this place, it had a rusty look with pipes and stuffs, its kind of having your meal in an industrial place, with the view of aqua swimming pool it will give you the bliss feel.

Coming to the food:


I started my feast with the salads, been a healthy meal i dint even hesitate  to grab an extra bite of salads. They served three different types of salads.

I personally loved all three tofu, wakame and kaisen(tuna) salads, all this salads had the perfect dressing with olives and basil, been a Japanese cuisine you will able to sense that all the salads will be having a perfect soy sauce to enhance the flavor. more than tuna i personally loved the Tofu salad, tofu was excellent it was so soft and fluffy.

Coming to the dimsum:

Again a healthy way to enjoy your feast, Hats off to the chef ragul for making the wonderful dimsum, They served me 3 Veg and 3 Non Veg dimsums, each and everything had a unique taste. from mushroom to truffle to broccoli to shrimp to chicken to bok choy wrap. wow its surely a roller coaster the dimsum lover. been served unlimited you can make your tummy happy with lots of dimsums.

Among this bok choy wrap with burnt garlic chicken was the best, wow the enhanced flavour of garlic, it just made my day. its surely a scrumptious one for sure.


My love for sushi <3

“With sushi, it is all about balance. Sometimes they cut the fish too thick, sometimes too thin. Often the rice is overcooked or undercooked. Not enough rice vinegar or too much. – Nobu Matsuhisa”

Their sushi are the best i have ever tried, their sticky rice just got stick to my heart. been served with 3 veg and 3 Non Veg sushi, they gave me a bliss feel.  in veg i loved the dynamite, its a combination of jalapeno with cucumber with sushi rolls, cucumber with jalapeno gave it deadly combination, it was crunchy while having it.

Tuna suchi was sooo luscious, its a scrumptious one for sure.


Baked Alaska twist:

Deconstructed Tiramisu :

Both the signature desserts were on the peak, been amazed with sushi and dimsum, desserts just gave me the bliss feel. more than deconstructed tiramisu i loved their baked alaska. you guys seriously want to try this place.

Overall i can rate them 5/5.




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