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“The past becomes a texture, an ambiance becomes our present” This place surely deserves a medal for their royal ambiance. Been to this place many times still i was so curious to try Their new bamboo biriyani. Therebare only few little places in Chennai where we can get bamboo biriyani, make sure to put this place on the hit list, it’s not just an ordinary bamboo biriyani it’s even oil less. They haven’t used any oil for making the biriyani. So just hog much ever you can without worrying about oil.

Coming to the ambiance:

It’s surely deserves the name royal palate, if you ever want to experience the luxurious dine in this is the must visit place.

Coming to service:

They greeted me properly and gave us the proper place to settle, they even gave us a ample amount of time to relax before placing the order. Seriously loved the way they treated us.

Coming to the food:

Hats off to the chef who brought up the concept of bamboo biriyani to this place, the moment they brought the biriyani in the bamboo everyone was like wow.

If your appetite is good you will be able to finish of the entire biriyani. Coming to the taste of the biriyani it was so flavorful n rich the aroma was excellent I just had a mouth watering experience.

Biriyani wasn’t spicy it was mild and good, mutton biriyani was more tastier than the chicken. Since they haven’t used any oil it wasn’t it that greasy. Both meat and rice was properly cooked the bamboo flavour just enhanced the taste of the biriyani. Been bit expensive still its worth the price tag for Their ambiance and taste.

They charge 700₹ for mutton bamboo biriyani and 600 for chicken been bit expensive still its worth the price tag.

We have even tried couple of dishes from the buffet menu everything was good. I personally liked the hara bara chicken and vanjaram fry it was served hot and masala was well marinated. Since the blog is about the bamboo biriyani let me not share the experience on the buffet menu. Still I personally liked all their buffet menu.

Overall I will rate them 4/5.

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