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My hunt for chettinad food never stopped, been on the search of authentic chettinad food, i finally landed to this place to have my dinner yesterday.

if you are an chettinad food lover, you can just close your eyes n go to this place.
All their chef are well trained in preparing authentic chettinad food though they have little drawback still their taste will amaze you for sure.

Ambiance of this place is pretty neat and clean, you will have the relaxed feeling for sure, coming the service everyone in this place are friendly, they approached me with a smile and gave us a seat to settle up

What to have here ?

Mannar virundhu(popularly known as kings feast):

There feast contains 28 items, its surely a roller coaster for all the spicy chettinad lovers its seriously a wide spread. Its starts from kadha fry to vanjaram fry to prawn thokku to mutton sukha to chicken gravy wow i was seriously amazed with their wide spread.
Let me point out things which i liked in it.

Mutton leg soup:

One of the best mutton leg soup i ever had, wow surely i will land to this place just to have this.

Vajaram fry:

perfectly marinated and it had all the flavour in it. Its was crispy as well as juicy inside. Its was mild just loved it.

Prawn thokku:

Perfectly choosen prawn cooked perfectly with chettinad style masala, its was mild and good. Prawn was fresh n soft just loved it.

Khada fry:

Its been decade since i had khada fry, actually i had it without knowing that its khadai. Since it was too good i asked them whats that they said its khadai, meat was so tender and perfect still i felt most of their dish shares the same masala content.

Crab thokku:

Crab was normal in size, the moment you have the first bite you will be able to sense the aromatic smell of crab, Meat was so soft it will melt in your mouth. masala just kicked deep inside the meat, you will be able to sense the masala till the last bite.

Mutton sukha and chicken sukha:

Mutton sukha and chicken sukha i felt both taste the same, but taste was excellent, it was bit spicy that how it was supposed to be made, and it went so well with Rasam rice.

Mutton Biriyani:

You will surely fall in love with their seeraga samba rice biriyani, its was so luscious and rich, they had enough meat in it. since it was a unlimited serve i had no worries to ask for a refill :D, its was mild in taste and flavor was too good.

Idiyappam and Paya:

One of my best combination for everyone, paya was excellent they have cooked the paya legs well it was so soft and tender, paya was mild and little greasy, they made it in more authentic way just loved it. “Aftertaste gave me the amazing feel”.

Veg Platters :

All the veg starters was good, but paneer was bit hard and little tangy, it disspointed me. Kindly try the mushroom its was too good, its was firey and rich. Coming to  gobi machurian i felt salt content is little high but it was so flavorfull you will love it for sure.


Carrot halwa and falooda:

Carrot halwa was perfect, it was perfectly sweetend and the aromatic fragrance of ghee will drag you towards it.

Flooda i felt it was average, it would have been better if they had added different flavours of icecream

What the Best desserts here ?

Orea with icecream shake:

Its was so good, vanilla with orea gave me huge pack of joy, its was so luscious and rich. Oreo was duclified with vanilla ice cream made it as perfect combination, oreo was crunchy i personslly love it.

Overall annalya is surely a best place to visit if you are chettinad lover.

Service : 5/5

Ambiance :3.5/5

Food :4/5

Overall i would rate them 4/5






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