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Sometimes some treasures are very hard to find you will be needing a clue to find it.

Finally i got some clue to find this place through an invite, i never knew they have such a awesome place in pheonix mall.

This place is located inside the “Design hotel” quite hard to find, how ever this place is handy for the people who stays in Design hotel.

Coming to the ambience i was totally astonished with ambience of this place, wow the antique statues and wall hanging light was so appealing and gave me a Luxurious feel.

I was invited to this place to taste their food in their chettinad food festival.

Till now my rating would be for Ambience 4.5/5 and service 4.5/5, how about the food ?

Lets hog 😀


Chettinad spiced kozhi varuval :

The presentation of the food was soo appealing, chicken was so tender and soft it was easy to chew and coming to the taste i felt like having a chilly chicken made in chettinad style its soo good still i felt it was bit tangy.


Chicken chettinad and mutton chettinad with paratha and ghee rice:

Both the gravy tasted the same, they have cooked both chicken and mutton gravy in same manner, its was tangy as well felt they should reduce the tomato content to the gravy, Both gravy went so well with the parathas. Its surely a pack joy.

Ghee rice was excellent the aroma from the rice will pull you towards it, it went perfectly with nadar style mutton korma, i personally liked mutton korma comparing it to the chettinad mutton gravy.
Mutton kothu paratha:

One the best kothu paratha I ever had till now, I personally like the same taste of the street food, its was so rich and luscious. It my surprise it wasnt greasy as well, you will surely love this dish.

Fresh Mango juice:

Fresh mango juice was so refreshing, they have mixed a pinch of mango pickle to the jucie which gave its a unique flavor, it was spicy and as well as sweet loved it.


Stressed can be spelled backward as desserts, When ever you feel stressed just grab a dessert

Coming to the Desserts this would be my favourite part in Annam

Mango baked Yogurt & Mango panna Cotta:

They prepared the dessert in right front of our eyes on the dessert plate, the way they present amazed everyone in the room.

Coming to the taste mango baked yogurt from the first bite i just made my mouth drool with mango n blueberry syrup it was so perfect, on the other hand mango panna cotta the feel you get while having it.

Surely its the most scrumptious dessert i ever had till now.

Pls do visit the place before 25th June, you guys have more three days to enjoy their mouth watering food.

My overall rating would be 4/5.

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