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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

Aristos ? Aristos is Greek word meaning “Best”, They surely deserve that name. Aristos is the one among the few restaurant in chennai which serves ” Greek Food”.

Aristos is located in heart place of adyar right opposite to the “impcop”, kindly pls don’t follow the location from zomato its wrong it might take you the wrong place. Kindly google up “impcop”.

Why Aristos ?

if you are a seafood lover then this the best place in chennai where you have to land up.

ok just seafood Then ?

They are Aristo, This place is the roller coaster for foodies they have from continental cuisine to Italian cuisine, with five set main course but quite  expensive place but still worth the money we pay.

Coming the ambiance, This place will surely give you the luxury feel, they have spent enough money on ambiance, whole restaurant just looks like the wooden cave, well polished, neat and clean. Each and every little things which i found in this restaurant was quite neat and polished from spoon to fork.

They even have window view seats you can enjoy you meal by looking at the busy city.

I was totally impressed with the ambiance, How about the taste and service ?

I was quite lucky, i went to this place at the right time of their ” GRILL FEST”.


Crab Bisque soup:

“When you have a good stock, you can make a good soup – Martin Yan”

One of the best rich and divine soup i ever tried <3, its surely made my day from the first sip, its was soo creamy and crabby :D, crab was smashed into paste and blended in to the soup.

Each and every sip gave me a heavenly feel, Must try it.

Wisconsin Chicken Soup:

Ok, im already impressed with crab soup how about chicken ?

I felt that crab soup was more delicious than chicken, still i always have a special place for chicken near my heart. This soup has perfect ingredient, its was so creamy and yummy, texture was perfect its had a mixture of veggies and chicken.


Veg Crostini :

Veg Crostini ? what is that exactly ? its a combination of tomato gravy with potato, cheese and egg plant.

How about the taste ?

it was quite average when coming to the taste even though presentation was awesome, im not a big fan of egg plant still i had potatoooossss, its was bit tangy in taste still egg plant lovers like it though.

Coming to the service they where bit slow in making the dishes it take hell lot of time for them to serve the food i recommend you guys to place all the order at first then relax yourself. Delivery of food is bit slow and coming to the service only if you ask them to serve the food they will serve it else they wont even bother to approach you.


” Average Gralic bread with capsicum, tomoto and cheese”, ¬†its was quite normal, still garlic bread was fresh it would have been much better with proper seasoning.

Chicken Wings:

” Tangy and fiery wings which can make you fly”, Taste was so perfect in all its way, perfectly seized with seasoning and coming the chicken i felt it was bit dry that made the tenderness of the chicken bit hard. wings are supposed to be juicy not dry.

Stuffed Pepper:

Presentation of the food was quite amazing , its made my mouth drool, they serve it with stuffed cheese inside the capsicum and fries as a side kick.

its was mild and cheese loved the way they presented the food, its was cooked perfectly its was soft and mellow.

Mix Meat Platter:

I name it as “Roller coaster of meat”, it has everthing all the non veg lover needs from chicken to sausage to beaf with fries as a side kick.

Beaf was excellent its was so tender, still again i felt chicken was bit dry its was hard to chew. taste was exactly same as chicken wings.

Grill Chicken mustang & Tri de Aristos:

Both of this main course just made my day, i personally like both of the dish, gravy was too good it was so delicious and luscious.

” A scrumptious Trio Aristo”, tri Aristo had a unique flavor, taste was so divined and it was dulcified with honey just loved it.

Mustang chicken sauce was damn good, its was so perfect still again i felt chicken was so hard, tenderness was too low, which made it hard to chew.

i recommend them to check out the chicken which they are using, all the chicken dish would have been beta if they have choose the best one.


Overall all had a nice experience, my rating would be for service 3/5 since they are slow in serving the food and they dont approach to server the food. taste 4/5 and ambiance 4/5.

Overall i would rate them 3.5/5.




















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