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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!


“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness” i felt this quote became true when i visited this place.

Let me share my experience about this place.

This place is located in AnnaNagar right next to croma showroom or opposite to McD. its was quite easy find with there eye catching pink lighting board.

The moment i entered inside, I just noticed their mock tail bar  its was so attractive with glassy finish glasses and hanging lights made it look damn luxurious.

One of the Staff welcomed us and gave us a seat to settle up.

Coming to the ambience ” Luxury must me comfortable otherwise its not Luxury”, with neat soft seats and pleasant music made me more comfortable, surely its one of the luxurious place to visit in chennai.

We were bit confused with choosing the soup & starters so we asked them to recommend us a starters. They guided us to try “Broccolli corn & Water chestnut Dumpling”, “Cottage cheese” & Mushroom ginger chills” for the starters, for soup “Tom yum Veg soup & Eight Treasure Veg soup”.

We live in the principle ” First we eat Then do everything else” but once they brought the food, we  forgot the principle totally. Their presentation of the food were appealing  made me to click the pic before tasting it.

Coming to the soup:

” Only the pure in heart can make a good soup  – ludwig van beethoven”

The moment i sipped Eight Treasure veg soup i had a heavenly feel, Man just loved the taste of creamy corn and veggies made the soup luscious, They have used a secret ingredients which made me go for another sip N another.

“Tom yum veg soup” all time favorite soup for Thailand people felt i have to try it too, been already satisfied with Eight treasure had a sip of tom yum, i can clearly sense the tangy taste and lime flavor in it, liked it but still Eight treasure is surely a treasure hunt.

Broccoli corn & Water chestnut Dumpling:

Must Try food here, it was perfectly steamed and cooked in a wooden bamboo box, its was so soft and delicious, perfectly stuffed with broccoli and corn made it a amazing pack of joy.

Been one of the Chinese favorite food they served it with chopsticks, first few mins i felt its was hard to eat with it, then i made myself mastered in it. Loved the chop stick concept for sure <3

Cottage cheese hunan sauce & Mushroom ginger chills :

Both of them are scrumptious dishes for sure, paneer was too appealing and the taste it was so luscious and rich, its was too fluffy soft (fresh for sure), They marinated it properly it was perfect in all the way.

The moment i had the first bite, all got the feel Man this is the best panner i ever had till now. hunan sauce worked pretty good here.

Must try it guys.


Coming to Mushroom its surely a Ambrosial food i’m not a big fan of mushroom still i felt its good, each and every bite made me feel like i am in heaven, The aromatic smell of mushroom Wowwwwww made a fan of mushroom.

Special thank to the chef who made it Delectable.

Steam Engine:

One of the signature mocktail you can get it from here, its blended with cranberry juice and orange, the way they server this drink Not only amazed us, it made everyone in the restaurant to turn their head towards our table. its surely a Stream engine.

Will upload the video soon in the blog.

Triple Fusion Veg Noodles:

We ordered it since one of my friend want to try the noodle, ” Always say big no to Maida pls prefer Wheat”.

By the name you can guess its a Triple fusion, They made the noodles with three different styles of noodle ,long, short and fried one.

While having it i felt its crunchy as well as juicy, Brilliant idea Surely it will make noodle lovers to drool and drop their jaw down.

Governors Vegetable:

” Can award it best gravy i ever had” Governors veggiee sounds what is that ?

This gravy had most of the vegetable in it. Corn,broccoli ,cauliflower,capsicum,red N green chilly.

They presented the dish very neatly and hats off to the cook who came up with this brilliant idea of mixing up the veggies with cashews. its surely a pack of love for the veggies.

Best luxurious veg dish we can afford with 350 bucks. Worth paying it.

Sushi Love: ” i love sushi but im not going to write a column about it – joel stein”

Sushi roll thats how i roll when i see it. Best sushi in town far better than raintree.

Making of sushi video coming soon.

Last but Not Least Here comes Desserts

We were bit confused in choosing the desserts, we asked them to surprise us again they asked us to try Rambuttan with ice cream.

We were like ok !! what is that ?

“its the mix of Rambutan fruit with vanilla ice cream” and us – thats it ? i never tried rambutan with icecream so thought its give a try.

The moment they got it we were surprised, again everyone started to turn their head towards our table.

its a smoky ice cream, designed like beast with coconut shell. Nice innovative way to present the ice cream.

“rambuttan with vanilla ice cream wow i never though it will be this perfect combination”, vanilla just dulcified the fruit just loved it, Surely its a best way to end up the meal with fruit N ice cream.

Overall had the best experience, Would rate them guy 4.5/5.









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