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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

Are you a food explorer ? Are you looking for some fusion food ? Have you ever wondered how the food tastes if it get mixed with chettinad and Chinese ? Stop wondering just visit this place to find out how it’s taste.

By looking at the name you will be able to find what kind of place is this for sure.

This place is located in Nelson Manikam road quite near to the flyover. Place is bit small hardly 15 to 20 people can sit. Sitting arrangement are good.

The main reason why I loved this place is because of its combo pack ? You can grab a fried rice and side kick with Goli soda just for 150 bucks ? Did I say 150 ? Yes you heard it right.

They have hell lot dish in their menu they have from kalaki soup to Chettinad chopsuey let go for ride


I had kalaki and milagu thanir soup, been suffering from cold this soup gave a pleasent feel. Both of the soup were super spicy. Kalaki soup I felt it’s the combination of Chinese veg soup with Chettinad style kalaki into it.


Sivakasi lollypop and mutton Kola urundai manchurian. Sivakasi lollypop pop was excellent they have made it in Chinese style with Chettinad masala it’s was an brilliant idea it went so well.

Kola urundai is my all time favourite from my childhood, I never knew they can make manchurian out of it. Been cooked in Chinese style with hot n sweety suasage, I felt would have been better with pure chettinad style.

I have even tried their chicken Chettinad momo, but they have to improve a lot with thier momos texture and stuffing, Outer layer was little hard and rubbery, feedback been shared they took it positively for changing their style of making it.

Coming to the chettinese 65, it’s a normal chicken 65. It was my bad luck, it was too salty wasn’t able to eat it. Chef could have been more cautious while playing with salt. But I loved the taste of the marination it would have been better if was salted properly.

Main Course:

In rice i tried their chicken fried rice biriyani and pichi pota kozhi friedrice !!! Coming to chicken fried rice biriyani Now this one is luscious fusion food everyone want to try it. They have mixed both biriyani and fried rice together it’s surely a amazing jam-packed combination must try. Pichi pota kozhi friedrice I felt it was little bland would have been better if they have add more masala to it.

Chettinad chopsuey :

Chettinad chopsuey, I have tried American chopsuey how about Chettinad chopsuey! I was wondering how it will taste but Seriously it was too good. It’s was so flavourful and spicy been mixed well with the masala it gave a lip smacking experience.

This place doesn’t have desserts but they have different type of Goli soda to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab it pop it and drink it.

with ups and downs in the food, i can rate them 3.5/5.

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