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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

Coco Jaunt 1728 is Located in 4th main road of anna nagar east, its quite easy to find this place, Yellow Texts and lighting attracts the people easily to this place.

it’s one of my favorite place in anna nagar, when ever we think about hang outs we just land up here directly to this place.

Free WiFi and service of the staffs makes you feel you are home, Chairs are arranged in the way it don’t disturb the people who are sitting next to us, We have ample amount of parking space so need not have to worry about the parking.

Coming to the ambiance they have the lovely ambiance, yellow base wall paints and tire hanging on walls with books  just loved it, to our Surprise they were celebrating the new year blast . glossary balloons and wall painting just surprised me.

Service :

The moment i entered they gave me a warm welcome and gave me the seat, Only if you call them for order they will attend you else they will be busy doing there work, i kind of liked this attitude because i can take my own time in choosing my menu and i can chat with my friends.

Once you place the order they are super fast in delivering it.

What to have here ?

Pastry pastry pastry for sure, most of our friends bday cakes are ordered from here, they are best in designing the cakes and taste was damn yummy.

All cakes made from here are most appealing and taste is delectable.


Its surely a scrumptious pie for sure, pie is flavored with lime you can feel the refreshment the moment you had a bite.

i personally dont recommend it for the people who doesnt like lime, lime flavor is sharp and strong, but the pie is surely a succulent and luscious for sure.

Garlic Bread with peri peri chicken:

This is served with freshly prepared garlic bread with cheesy N juicy peri peri chicken as topping wiht peri peri sauce dip.

The moment you have the bite you can feel the whole new world, with the flavor of garlic,cheese,peri peri chicken,saline gave it a unique and saporous taste.

Peri peri Chicken Wrap:

Must try warp in coco jaunt, warp is stuffed with peri peri chicken and veggies, seasoned and flavored with peri peri sauce, Loved the way they present it.

Fries are cooked perfectly it was crispy and fiery as well.

Buffalo Wings:

wings are dulcified with sauce they used in it, still you can feel spiciness inside it, it make the food totally divined.

chicken they used here was so tender can easily chew it.

Overall its the best place to hang out with friends and family, coming to the chocolate they make their own chocolate. kindly try it.


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