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Biriyani here, Biriyani there, Biriyani everywhere.

For those biriyani lovers who is looking for a biriyani feast here is the chance to grab the mouth watering unlimited biriyani.

Crimson has announced the Unlimited Biriyani feast for just Rs.600*.

Been a huge fan of biriyani i was quite excited to taste there biriyani. coming to the ambiance this place gives you a luxurious home feel since they have renovated the house to a restaurant. I personally loved the ambiance of this place it was quite neat and clean.

Idols and wall hanging decor it just gave me a pleasant feel.

Coming the food :

There biriyani feast contains two different types of biriyani ( Mutton as well as chicken), They even server you mutton Smoked ghee Rice. for the starters they provided us the authentic chicken 65 and nethili fry. Common its a feast just biriyani and few starters will never make its a feast right ?, Yup they have even added extra few mouth watering items to their menu with paratha and chicken gravy. they have even added a white rice to their menu you can have it with fish gravy and rasam.

Coming to the taste: Both the chicken biriyani and mutton biriyani are prepared in the hyderabadi style muslim biriyani, i still felt its not a proper hyderabadi biriyani, may be its a fusion of ambur style biriyani with hyderabi ( hyderababi biriyani is supposed to be the layered one). biriyani was so flavorful and its was mild and tasted good. its was more greasy would have been better with less oil.
Mustan Smoked seeraga samba rice: One word to say “WOW”, i never thought a  smoked seeraga rice would taste this much good, from the aromatic smell to the taste it just gave me the finger licking experience. and it went so well with chicken 65.

Paratha and gravy: Always say a big NO to maida, im not a big fan of paratha so i opted to taste it last, even thought i had it at the last i still felt paratha was soft and fluffy, if you are a paratha lover you will seriously love it. gravy tasted excellent chicken was perfectly minced and cooked properly.

Overall its worth the price tag of 600 for sure, been an unlimited feast kindly make sure to loosen your belt relax and enjoy your food.

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