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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

” Dialog in the dark is the place where i realized that even blind people can see” – “The moment i stepped inside, i felt like i’m totally blind its was pit dark ”  i was totally astonished.

Suddenly i felt a hand holding my hand and asking for my name, i told my name and he place my hand on his shoulder and asked me follow him. i was wondering how come this guys can see in pit dark. i thought they might use infrared viewers.

He guided me to the seat which i have  reserved already, i sat there for a while with 5 of my friends with eager feeling to know what going to be next.

All i can feel was aromatic  smell of food and people voices, been an inquisitive guy i was totally amazed.

A moment later i  heard a voice calling my name, i said yes i’m right here. They said, can we have a small puzzle?  i was like puzzle yaaa ok, lets give a try.

He handed over me a object in my hand, i can clearly feel that its an alphabetical word “A” and all my  friends got different letters “r,p,l,i,a”, he asked us to form the letter with given alphabet, we started exchanging the letter which we had and formed a word ” APRIL” its was quite easy still had a amazing time.

After sometime they gave us the food, they serve two different types of food ” Non veg Thalli – 349Rs” & “Veg Thalli for -299rs”, I can feel the presence of food with the aromatic smell, Then they called my name and placed my hand on the hot box, requested me to open and have it.

Hot box contains three portion in it, one with Roti and tandoori chicken, middle one with Veg pulav and last one with some chicken gravy, Coming to the taste of the food it was good, you need not have to worry about bones and stuffs in tandoori everything is boneless.

Tandoori was perfectly marinated and its was perfect, Coming to the veg pulav, the moment i had it, i can feel the presence of corn, capsicum in it and the taste was good but felt it would have been better with little spiciness, Coming to the gravy we haven’t found what gravy it is yet :(,it tasted like butter chicken still it had capsicum  in it, fusion food:D, so some of my friends claimed it would be chicken machurian :D, Finally we named it as ” Darky Chicken”

Once we had the food, They requested us to arrange the hot box and place it on table, one of my friend (tanveer) got shocked hearing it, he was searching for one of the container :D.

Then somehow he managed to find it in the dark and we gave it to them, then they handed over me the wet tissue for wiping the hands and we started to talk with each other. even its pit dark i can sense where my friends where sitting, i started to learn the place, like how i came inside where to take left and right, i was even counting the foot steps right from the first.

Yup its the right time to implement it, we are checking out now. one of the guide placed my hand on his shoulder to take us out, i was calculating steps and analyzing it, after 15 steps i was guessing i should turn right,  its was perfect 😀 they took right, i was playing a little game with myself.

The moment i stepped out i felt the whole environment is too bright i couldn’t see i closed my eyes for sometime. i felt i have to get inside again and i turned back, I was totally shocked to see my guide.

i thought guides will be using a infrared camera but i was totally wrong, he was visually impaired, everyone who works here are visually impaired.

” That’s the moment i felt even a visually impaired people can see, we see though the eyes, They see though the feel and sense”. we might be blind in the dark but they are not, they are not blind even in the light they can feel everything.

I very much thank to the organisation who gave them an identity Hats-off to them.

Overall for the experience will rate them 5/5 and for the food 3.5/5, so my overall rating will be 4/5.




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