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This place is located right next to the sholinganallur signal, Aloft always in my wish list next to center point. OMR became a heart of the city when it comes for food hunts, you will be able to see classy restaurant in nuke and corner, from OMR food street to paradise to holidayin.

What makes aloft to be in my wish list ? – its mostly because of their service and ambiance.

Let me share the my experience which i faced during the review.

The moment i stepped inside the aloft, i was totally astonished by ambiance and snooker table, its surely a fascinating place to visit. their staff guided us properly to the .yum restaurant been already impressed with ambiance in the entrance i was quite excited to see the ambiance of the restaurant.

I personally loved the ambiance of .yum, its was classy and gave us the luxury feel, Restaurant was quite empty since we were bit early to have our lunch, one of their staffs approached us properly and a gave us a seat to settle up. The moment i got the seat i started to enjoy the ambiance of this place it gave me a heavenly feel. Since it was a buffet all the food were neatly presented on the table it just dragged me toward it. since it wasnt crowed i took my cam and started taking pics of the food.

They have presented each and every food item very perfectly and i will surely give you a pleasant feel.

Our feast started with American salads, all salads were good as they looked. Egg plant with mayo, im not a big fan of egg plant still it was good comparing to the rest of it.


Dragon Chicken:

Its was so perfect and luscious for sure, they have cooked it perfectly added enough flavors and made it so delicious.

Fish kebab:

Its was so soft and taste was totally divined, Fish will melt in your mouth for sure. They have marinated it properly and seized the masala perfectly in the way the after taste last for longer period.

One and only thing with disappoint me is they have limited starters. Just two starters for the non veg buffet? Seriously ?

I request this guys to add up more starters in the buffet menu.

Main Course :

Alam Kodi Pulusu:

Allam kodi is ginger based gravy famous in andhra, it was damn good not too spicy its was mild meat was perfectly cooked it was so tender, still felt the flavor was bit strong.

Chicken Parmigiana:

Chicken parmigiana is my favorite dish when it come to Italian cuisine, they have perfectly coated the chicken with bread crumbs it was evenly fired. its was good still i felt chicken was bit hard and it would have been good if they add more cheese in it.

Dum Biriyani:

Biriyani was bit plain, dum biriyani is supposed to be delicious and yummy it should give you a pleasant feel. i dint get that feel while having it.


Dessert is the best part to land put here, its was so perfect in all its way. each and every dessert will give you the heavenly feel.

Chocolate fountain will surely grab everyone one attention, i literally stood next to it and was hogging the choco dip. its was so prefect and rich chocolate i ever had.

Overall i would rate them 3.5/5. Service 4/5, ambiance 4/5, food 3/5.

















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