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Are you a veggie ? Do you carve for indo Chinese and Indo Thai food then this the must visit place in Chennai.

Coming to the location :

This place is located near Adyar bridge, well it’s easy to find with maps. Coming to parking this place have a huge parking space you can literally park 20 to 30 buses, so need not have to worry about parking space.

Coming to the ambiance :

This place can make your jaw drop with their ambiance, then have spent well in their interior decors and with soft and comfy seats you will surely enjoy the food with your loved one.

If you looking for a free candle light dinner with your loved one then do drop in to this place on Wednesday. They provide you a luxurious candle light dine in experience. But candle light dinner is only available on Wednesday nights.

Coming to the food:


Pepper panner:

Been a Indochinese and indothai restaurant this guys amazed me with their cooking skills, they have well cooked the panner, its was hot and spicy even you will be able to feel its crispy on the edges. I would have been more better if the paneer was bit soft. Still the taste of this dish will make your day.

Rice Paper Roll:

Rice paper roll are quite famous in Vietnam and Thailand, i have tried this on in singapore but trust me guys this is far better than the one which i had, its was totally veggies and butter garlic. though the outer layer tasted blunt the moment you have the whole bite with the stuffs you will be able to sense the whole new flavor. its was so appetizing its was little sweet too loved it.

Emerald Momos:

I have tried three different types of dumpling here, sweet corn cottage cheese, corn and mushroom and Emerald momos.

Momos have became quite popular in india, you will be able to grab a delicious bite in all the street corners,Momos are enthusiastically consumed by everyone on the streets. Coming to the taste, its was so yummy they have well steamed it, its was properly cooked, i just had the one whole momos in one bite. wow its so juicy and soft.

Phat thai noodels:

This one was little down fall, taste was little blunt. so i tried mixing up some thai curry to it, to make it little flavorful.

Thai Green curry and Rice :

Im a big fan of thai green curry, been served with coconut milk and veggies it always make my mouth drool, been an indo thai restaurant they made the entire gravy with the indian spices, which gave it a different taste. main draw back is they dint add lemon grass to it, thai green curry is incomplete without lemon grass. May be an Indian version still it went so well with rice.


There is no words to express about the desserts, below image says it.

Ice kachang I always feel my life should be more colourful and sweet like ice kachang.

Just order and love it🀩😍😍

Overall I rate them 4/5.

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