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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

Fusilli Reason the name says it that it is the pasta bar for sure. For those fusilli pasta lovers if you need a resaon to have fusilli here u have fusilli Reason.

This place is always crowded, its hard to grab the seats, so most of the time i prefer to go for take away else will sit in car and have.

Located right opposite road of paramount hotel.

What to have here ?

They have only limited items here, so in two to three visit you can try all the item.

White and Red pasta:

I personally liked the White pasta since im the Cream lovers, they made it rich and seasoned it well to improve the flavor.

Red Pasta has a sweet and sour taste, for those peeps who wants both u can for mix pasta they mix white and red pasta which give a sharp taste and kicks your taste buds.

Herbs and Pesto for the pesto lover for sure, im not a big fan of herbs still i like it.

So only Pasta ? what about the rest ?


They serve the best nachos with the SweetNSour sauce Loved it, its divine.

Then to the garlic breads Cheese and CornNspinach are the best among them.

Over all its the best place if you the pasta lover. but go bit early to grab the seats.


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