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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

“When one door closes and another door open; Then we are haunted “

This place is located in Anna nagar quite easy to find, this is the one and only restaurant in anna nagar serves food till 2AM to make sure we have the creepy and scary feel while we go home.

They even offer the candle light dinner with the theme of “Party with the pei” Wow “Candle light dinner now that attracts the couple for sure”.

Let me share my experience about this place.

The moment I walked inside I can notice a big sized door “Same like chandramugi door” tied with plates and red and yellow threads which just freaked me out.

Place was so dark the moment I walk inside the hall I can feel some legs started to move in the corner my friends started to freaked out, I was like ha ha ha ha 😀 not scary then there was a mirror I was looking at myself suddenly a light with scary Annabella inside the mirror, I was like the WTH, motion sensor just kicked at the right time.

We chose to have the dinner in the first floor the moment I starting climbing the steps I can hear the creepy sound saying “I WILL KILL YOU” hats off to the surround speakers, once I reached the first floor I opened the dining hall door and went inside.

I was standing near a wooden bench with cool feel with little excitement, After few mins I could feel something is pushing me from behind I was like WHATTTTTT, it’s the wooden bench drawwwssss it started to open N close with creepy sound, I moved little bit from that place and stood next to a barrel here comes a monster.

I was totally surprised with their innovative idea best place for kids for sure they will enjoy it.

Ambience was damn good how about the food ?

Management gave us a proper seating we sat for a while and made our self-comfortable and went for an orders.

We just ordered all the chef recommended food from the soup to starters to main course to mocktail.


Haunted murgh  Badami:

Soup was so creamy and perfectly flavored with spices, its was damn delicious and rich. They have finely chopped the chicken to make sure you can get the chicken pieces  in each and every sip.

Mutton Seekh kebab:

Mutton seekh kebab just made my day, its was so luscious, they have marinated its perfectly you can feel the flavor of masala deep inside, its surely a scrumptious seekh for sure.

We even ordered one more of it. Must try it.

Haunted Fries:

This is not a ordinary Fries, this fries can haunt you down till the last piece. Fries were so unique its was so crispy outside and fluffy inside, it gave me feel of having a potato bajji as well as french fries, best fusion with south Indian  food.

Samak Meshwi :

One of the best TAWA fish i ever tried, The way they presented the dish it was so appealing, Fish was so tender you need not have to chew it melts in your mouth. its was bit fiery just loved the way they marinated it, its was perfect in all its way.

Monster Prawns:

Not all the restaurant in chennai serves stuffed prawn, i was quite lucky to find the stuffed prawn here.

They have used the tiger prawn, perfectly hand picked all the prawn were in same size, they stuffed it with fish inside with seasoning of ginger & garlic flavor.

Taste was totally divined i personally liked the stuffs inside the prawn its was so delicious, prawn was bit hard it would have been better if the prawn was soft.

I have tried stuffed prawn in sea shell were prawn used to be soft, its was quite easy to chew. They charged around 899rs for a single plate, here it is 599rs  for sure its VFM.

Haunted Special Ghost kebab:

its a scrumptious chicken kebab which you want to try here, masala was so perfect, its was so soft and juicy.

Each and every bite gave me a better after taste. Wow its was so luscious just loved it.

Lasooni Fish:

Already impressed with the Samak Meshwi, iwas quite excited to taste it. Lasooni fish is the fish tikka they have used the same fish which they used in Samak meshwi.

Fish tikka was so soft and juicy, still i felt it would have been better if they add up little spiciness in it.

Tandoori Guldastan:

Best food for the health freaks and veg peeps, its a tandoor of broccoli and cauliflower, they creamed the broccoli and cauliflower with mayo and fresh cream, they made sure to seasoned it properly with enough spices, its was perfect in all its way.

I never thought broccoli will taste this good, Wow taste was so divined.

Best food for veggies.


Tangy Sunrise,Pink Crush,Anabelle,Mint Crush, Devils Apple.

Among this i personally liked mint crush & Devils Apple, Tangy sunrise & Anabelle was average the flavor was so sharp, i felt like having a syrup gave me a weird after taste.

Cheese & Garlic  Kulcha:

Gravy :  Rara ghost & Dil Bahar kofta

Kulcha with kofta and rara ghost made it pack of joy, rara ghost was excellent it is the combination of lamb as well as chicken, again this fusion just kicked my taste buds, chicken was perfectly chopped into small piece with bigger lamb piece.

it was not so spicy its was mild just loved it, surely the best gravy you have to try here.



Falooda was far better than the one which we have it in fruit shop, Trust me guys its was soo gooey and perfect. The taste just made me order one more of it.

Hot Sizzling Brownie:

Been already impressed with flooda, even brownie just made my day. its was so chocolaty, brownie had a perfect texture and its was so soft, vanilla scoop dulcified the brownie more and made it perfect.

Overall i had the best experience in this place, i would rate them 4/5.









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