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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

This place is located right next to “RollOver”, its quite a small place hardly 15 people can accompany it but i loved the ambiance had a pleasant and relaxed feel.

It’s kind of pasta bar same like fusilli reason which is one of my favorite pasta bar in chennai.

Coming to the experienced which i faced here, myself and some of my friends landed up here for a get together, The moment i entered i felt it was damn hot inside and it was suffocating i think they would have forgot to turn on the air conditioner,  There were 3 to 4 people happily enjoying the meal and talking without even bothering it.

So i personally went and request them to turn on the air conditioner, then they did it.

Since i loved the ambiance i got settled with in few mins and Big thank for there comfortable seating.

Coming to the taste.

I ordered  one white pasta and paneer pita pocket.

Man i seriously felt like heaven while having the first bite, its was luscious and cheesyyee, they have perfectly seasoned the pasta with cheese and flakes. fusilli was cooked perfectly its was damn soft loved it.

Creamy and cheeseee stuff made the pasta so rich and they presented it very neatly.

its surely a scrumptious pasta!!

How about paneer pocket !!

One Word ” MouthWatering”.  They stuffed enough paneer inside to make sure that you can taste the panner till the last bite.

Overall experience, its the best place for pasta lover next to fusilli even we can say its better than fusilli . i would have rated this place 4/5, since because of A/C issue im rating them 3.5/5.

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