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I have got the invite from this place for reviewing their new menu “MAPLAI VIRUNTHU”, by seeing the name you can guess its going to the big feast for sure.

So I was excited to try what the menu will be.

MAPLAI VIRUNTHU is a typical tamil name means “feast which we give for new  son in law”.

Let me share my experience in Maplai restaurant.

I Went inside and I was amazed by the ambience, Suddenly a guy showed up and invited me, I was little shocked to see him its “Mad Chef koushik”, I was damn happy to see him.

He is the first one to introduce panner pizza for the people who doesn’t know him.

After a little talk they started serving the food:

Here is the list of food item which u can find in Maplai virunthu:



1.kuluki sharbath

This is made of ginger, pine apple and green chill, its kind of having sugar cane juice with ginger, too unique, Mainly helps in beta digestion

2.Fruit mix

The Moment when I had this I started thinking about my childhood memories having frutimix juice with friends

Loved it

3.Rose milk

Best Rose Milk you can ever taste in Chennai.

Dips & Vadagam:



it’s a ring chips which we get in normal shops, have it with dips

5.Curried Mayo

Curried mayo is made from curry leaves and chilly poweder, little spicy but best dip u can taste

I personally liked avakadi Mayo out of 5

6.Mint Mayo

For those mint lover here comes MINT mayo, its quite refreshing when u eat ur chicken with this dip.

7.Chili onion mayo

Same like normal mayo dint find much different.

8.Avakkai Mayo

Best Mayo I have ever taste in my life, which is made by avakkai { mango} everyone who tried it was like WOW

Try it for sure

9.Pineapple Chutney

Its ok, average just to have a taste u can try it



10.Coriander Pepper Soup

By the name u can tell it is made up of Coriander, many people don’t like coriander for sure but trust me guys this soup will make u realize that it is not made of coriander

Just close your eyes n drink it and feel it.

11.karukke Murukke Vendakai


This is one vendakai fry { ladies finger fry } im not big lover of ladies finger still felt like trying it. Its good n crispy

For sure bhindhi lover will love it

12.Gobi 65:


Its same like gobi 65 which u can find in rest of all restaurant

13.Urulai Kebab:


They use a full small size potato, so it was quite easy to chew N taste it. It taste like having a potato fry

  1. Veg Kola Urundhai:


One of the signature dish in Maplai, I high recommend everyone to try this.

This is made of banana flower, the moment when u think about banana flower most of everyone doesn’t like it because of it bitterness.

But I really thank to chef koushik who made it bitter less, was wondering how come its damn tasty.

Best thing which u can try in maplai

  1. Paneer ka Thalli:


Its same like panner thikka, kind of sweet and loved it.

16.Podi Paniyaram:

Another best dish u can try here, im damn sure you can eat plenty of it.

17.Panner Tikka:


I haven’t found much taste different from panner ka thalli n panner kika.

18.Pepper Paneer:


Best among all the panner item which u can get it from here. They have made it spicy in the way how non veg food is cooked.

They explained us that it is cooked in the same way how they cook goat brain fry.

NON-VEG Starters: Here comes to my Fav Part

19.Chicken Tikka:


For those chicken lovers I feel its damn worthy to try out non veg food here instead of going for BBQ and ABQ,

This guys deliver best taste I have ever taste.

Perfect masala and perfectly cooked with avakkai dip will make u fell ur flying.

20.Chicken 65:

One of the oldest food which is founded on 1965 by buhari, still it’s the kind amount everything.

They made is exactly the taste of buhari

Perfect size and less greasy.

21.Nattu Kozhi Fry:


Nxt Signature dish in maplai, mainly for the health freak who don’t like boiler chicken pls directly go for it

Crispy fried country chicken u can ever taste it in Chennai.

  1. Maplai chicken tikka:


Best chicken item in the list, perfectly marinated with yogurt and cooked in tandoor, Loved each and every little bite.

  1. Mutton Kola Urundai:

img_4315Its same like veg kola urundai, instead of using banana flower they have used mutton here.

Its perfect round in shape tied up with banana stream { naru} this dish is famous in kerala.

24.Mutton Pepper Fry:

Damn spicy and soft, I bet u can never get softer mutton in Chennai except mapalai. They export the mutton from erode where goat eats only grass which make there meat softer.

  1. Fish tikka & 26 nethili fry


We have tried chicken, mutton where is fish, here it comes, the moment they enter the hall with nethili and fisk tikka the aroma pulls up towards it.

Im sure your mouth starts to water by just looking at it.

Best fish tikka.

Try nethili fry with mint Mayo.

Veg N Non Veg Gravies:

img_4354 img_4352 img_4361

  1. Mix veg curry

28.Mushroom chettinad

29.Panner butter masala

30.kathirika kolambu

31.Onion Raitha

32.Chicken Chettinad

33.Nadan Mutton curry

  1. Fish Moliee

We had plenty of gravy to try let me figure out which is best among this.

Fish Moilee:

This is made of fish with coconut stew perfectly kerala type dish loved it guys try it with idi appam.

Panner Butter masala:

For the Veg lovers the best not too greasy still best among rest.



35.Malabar barotta

36.veechu bar0tta

37.Coin Barotta

38.Chettinad Naan

39.Karaikudi Lacha



42.Egg Appam

43.Kal dosa

Best Among this are Appam, Coin Barotta and Kal Dosa.

Try idiyapam with fish Moili,

Appam, Coin Barotta and Kal Dosa with Chicken Chettinad.



44.Ghee Rice

Normal steam rice with Ghee u can have it with rasam.

45.Thalassery Veg Biriyani:

Guess guys if anyone want to try kerala biriyani pls do come to maplai.

I am not a big lover of veg biriyani still I loved it, damn tasty.

46.Curd Rice:

Name says it 😛

47.Maplai Chicken Biriyani:

Mild spiced chicken perfect cooked with rice, they use a special idea to make it much tastier.

They use 1.5 times meat to the rice while they cook

Delicious biriyani u can try here.

48.Mutton Biriyani:

Pls have some space to try this, Because im sure u guys wont have space to try this after eating up all 47 item.

Mutton biriyani is far beta than chicken biriyani, they cooke it with 1.5 times meat to rice which make it tastier.




Its good still I feel Madurai jigarthanda is good. This guys made one cup of jigarthanda by toning 2 liter of milk

50.Lychee payasam

This is only one place u can try Lychee payasam.


Damn delicious with seaweeds.

52.Brownie with ice cream

I felt Brownie is more chocolaty n spoiled the ice cream taste.

53.carrot Kheer

Loved it must try it

54…….Last but not least à Mango cheese cake

Its same like the mango shots which u get in coffee day.


Best place to give treat for family members and friend. Worth paying 700 bucks im sure u can return home with full satisfaction.

This guy’s treat us properly while serving food which most of the lacks in it.

Finally it proves you need not have to be a New Maplai to enjoy the maplai virunthu 😀

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