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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

“If the music be the food of love play on – shakespeare”

Masala pattinam surely the name proves that its a town for Masala, This place is located in the residential area near alwarpet quite easy to find using maps.

After seeing so many good reviews thought i have to land up here somehow, i was quite lucky surprisingly they called me for the food review, i was totally beguiled, Who doesnt like surprises.

Let me share the my experience which i faced during the visit to this place.

The moment i entered i was amazed with the ambience, it was quite and neat with luxurious feel for sure, i personally like the hanging lights its was so attractive. one of their staff greeted me properly and gave me a seat to settle up.


They gave me ample amount of time settle up seriously loved the way they treated me would rate them 4/5 for the service.

How  about the taste ?

It started with the Mock tail since everyone felt thirsty. we ordered five different types of mocktail.

Chocolate liquor Shake:

Been the all time favorite of one of the foodie “priyanka” she recommend me to try it, i was quite excited to try it, Chocolate liquor shake ? liquor!!! what!!! no no no  its a mocktail not a cocktail for sure.

Finally the liquor shake arrived in a fine wine glass just loved the way  they presented it, from the first sip you can clearly sense the coffee flavor with cardamoms, it was so perfect and surely a nectarous dirnk.

They blended the shake with almond, dark chocolate & vanilla ice cream its surely a amazing pack of joy.

Must Try drink for sure

Black Magic :

Already impressed with liquor shake, i was excited to taste black magic. they presentation of the mocktail was so appealing with mint leaves and lime, coming to the taste its a normal drink coke mixed up with black salt.

i dont recommend this drink for kids since it contains coke, ” Always say Big NO to your kids if they ask for coke & pepsi”

Green Fire:

The moment i sawed the name of the drink i felt something fishy with it, so i thought i have to try it for sure. The moment they brought it i was bit chocked to see green chilly in it 😀 now its surely a green fire for sure 😀

its a Lime juice slightly blended with mint and green chills, i thought the taste would be fiery but it was sweet but you can sense the chilly flavor in it.


surely its a colorful drink quite attractive still a normal sprite with lime and blue curaco.

Lets come to the starters

Fish Fry:

” Good things come to those who Bait” here comes My fish <3, its a big seer slice i have ever seen, My eyes got popped out & i started to drool by looking at it.

Coming to the taste !!! wow the taste was at the peak they marinated the fish properly with masala surely its a masala pattinam, fish was so tender and luscious, its was crispy in sides and fluffy in center just loved it.

Panner Tikka:

Panner tikka i surely a divined food the veg lovers, panner was soft and fresh, taste was totally divined outer layer was totally covered with masala it was cooked perfectly in the way its not burnt.

Fish kebabs :

Been already impressed with the Fish fry, Fish kebabs made my day more awesome, its was perfect in all its way. its was mild not too spicy, its was so rich and juicy. surely give you the best after taste.

Mutton cutlet:

” Mutton cutlet” only in the name it contains mutton its taste like a veg cutlet its hard to find mutton in it. even you wont be feeling the mutton taste in it. i recommend this guys to add up more mutton in it so that we can at least feel we are having the Non Veg.

Chicken kebabs:

Come on only fish kebab !!! they were like here comes Chicken kebabs, Just look at the way how they presented it, seasoned with mayo and mint its was perfect.

The moment i had the first bite i could feel that chicken was fluffy and juicy inside, masala has went deep u can feel it till the last bite.

its surely a scrumptious chicken kebab.

Mutton thokku:


Chicken curry, Chicken patiyal & Fish curry:

Chicken curry:

its made a perfect combination with appam, gravy was normal still i loved it with appam and roti.

Fish Curry:

Served in the mud pot, its made it look classy just got the feel how my grand ma prepare the fish curry in mud vessel. Loved it very much appam with fish curry its surely a pack of joy.

Chicken patiyal:

This is surely not a southindian dish, its has the taste of butter chicken still you wont be seeing the chicken in it, chicken are chopped into tiny pieces and wrapped with the egg its was so unique just loved the taste.

Must try food here, Still i recommend this guys to add up more chicken in it.

Appam & Paratha:


You are the desserts lover then this the not the place you have to land up, they have very limited desserts

gulab jamun and kathuarisi payasam.

Gulab jamun is normal like the one what mom makes it in home, redrice payasam is damn good redrice is smashed and dulcified with sugar loved it, can try it once.

Overall i would rate them 3.5/5.







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