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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

” To eat is an necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art -De La Rochef”

I always wish my life should be so colorful like ice kasang and so pleasant like the Malaysian food.

For those people who is  looking for Malaysian food in Chennai this the best place you have to land up, this place is surely a roller coaster for Malaysian food they offer  winter soup to Asian grills to sambal to chendol to ais kasang.

Nasi and mee is located at one of the hot pick place in chennai ” Still wondering where it is ? ” its everyone’s favorite khader nawaz khan road, Nasi N mee is quite easy to find with attractive name board and eye catching lights will attract you for sure.

Let me share my experience about Nasi N Mee

Been so curious to try Malaysian food i just went to this place for a dinner, the moment i entered they invited me properly and gave me a seat just loved the way how they treated me.

The moment i got the comfy comfy seat i started to admire the ambience of this place!! It was quite calm wasnt much crowded on that time, i just loved their wall painting of a freaky Asian guy having a long sticky noodles took some nice clicks.

Okiess im impressed with the ambience how about the food ?


Chendol,Milo shake & ABC


Chendol is one of the Malaysian’s favorite desserts, i was quite excited to try  it, the moment i had the first sip i could easy feel the coconut milk flavor, they served it with the sliced ice with coconut milk with red beans.

They dulcified it with plam sugar n jaggary instead of sugar, it is the best nectarous healthy drink which you should try it here.

Milo Shake :

Milo Shake just shakes my childhood memories, my mom used to prepare it wow, They served it sliced ice cube and milo milkshake just loved it.


Healthy shake for health freaks it contains apple,beetroot & carrot, best fusion still i dint like it. It gave me unpleasant after taste.


Chicken winter melon soup:

Best clear soup i ever had, its contains pumpkins and chicken with spinach, you will be able to feel the how delicious the soup is, its will make you to have a snip one after another.

Mushroom and WaterChestnut:

Dim sum wrap is pack of joy which i loved to have,  mushroom and waterchest nut where perfectly cooked in steam, its was so soft and luscious, lime grass kicks the refreshment feel the moment you have a bite.

Prawn Hargow:

Its the traditional shrimp dumpling of Malaysian’s, they covered the shrimp with dough and streamed it perfectly in the way the shrimp is cooked, Must Try it. its was so soft and each N every bite gave me a better after taste !! its a surely a scrumptious dumpling.

Xiao LongBao:

It might seems like dumpling  but its not, its a soup enclosed with thin dough wrapper, soup was seasoned and floured perfectly, all you need is a soup spoon and A little hole on dumpling. drink the soup and eat the dumpling.

Chatuchak Chicken Wings:

Its not a ordinary chicken wings, this one is a stuffed chicken wings. its was so crunchy outside and juice inside, you will be able to sense the refreshment feel in each and every bite.

Refreshment feel ? in chicken ? how come ?

They stuff the chicken with mint and lemon grass, which makes them the scrumptious chicken wings.

Sambal Prawns:

Sambal prawns is a one bite wonder you would love to have it. Prawn was fresh and they have marinated it properly, its was so delicious and crunchy. Still it would have been better if they add up little spiciness in it.

Malaysian ChickenSatay:

its a grill chicken served with a stick inserted in middle, you can dip the chicken with chilly pepper sauce and eat it like a lollipop, kids will love it for sure, its was mild not too spicy, They marinated it with luscious mix of shallots & garlic. Just loved it.

Steamed Fish Cantonese Style:

One of the best dish in Nasi and Mee

The way they presented the  food its was so appealing, lemon grass decoration gave them the luxury feel,

Fish was so soft it will melt in your mouth forget about chewing, its was so delicious it just made my day, Perfect in all its way. kindly have it with white rice, must try.

Pad Thai:

An unique Malaysian noodles made out of rice sticks, its was quite different loved it, not too spicy its was mild and taste was average.


Bak Choy , Ayam Pongteh & Chicken Rendang:

I personally felt Chicken Rendang was damn good, its kind of taste like the chicken stew since they have cooked with coconut milk, its was perfect with jasmine rice.


Finally my Favorite part ” Ais Kacang ”

Ais kacang was wonderful, its a Malaysians ambrosial dessert served with red beans, creamy corn, waterchestnut with shaved ice, shaved ice was dulcified with flavored syrup. its a serve for two which you can enjoy it with your friend.

Overall had a awesome time in Nasi and Mee would rate them 4/5 <3.








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