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The thirst has gone and the veins are quenched, and the reward is confirmed. If the allah wills

Ramadan fasting has been started all over the world, more than one billion muslims worldwide.

The month of ramadan servers as a season of spritiual renewal and gratitude for the bountries bestowed upon all the human beings.

Each country has there own tradition and customs when it comes to breaking the fast when it comes to india we break the fast with having dates at first and nombu kanji which followed next.

Need not to be a muslim country but ritual practiced by muslim during ramadan are same.

For all those muslim brothers and sisters who are fasting novotel has started a iftar special menu which can fill ur stomach as well ur heart with there delicious food.

They have a huge spread with four starters and three maincourse and five varieties of desserts.

Coming the ambiance of this place been a star hotel this place will give you a luxurious feel and their friendly service will put a smile on your face.

Coming to the taste of the food:

I personally felt all their items where damn delicious even though they had little drawback.

We started with dates and samosa, followed up soup i was expecting nombu kanji but it was spicy soup, surely its not a good idea to break the fast with spicy soup it will end up in heartburns for the people who fast.

Followed up we had murgh kalmi kebab and ghost shammi kebab, tawa macchi

I this i felt tawa macchi alot it was so perfect they have marinated it well and seized the masala perfectly, fish meat was so soft i will melt in your mouth.

Murgh kalmi kebab one the best kebab which i ever had, pls try it, its was damn juicy and perfect, after taste gave me a heavenly feel.


The way they presented the biriyani was excellent by looking at that it made my mouth drool, coming to the taste it was so flavourful and rich still i felt it lacks in kicking your taste buds.

Roti, Tawa paratha with murgh qorma:

Murgh qorma was so luscious, it was creamy and rich it has a perfect texture. It went so well with roti,


All this dessert will surely make your day, among this i seriously loved baklawa wow it was damn perfect and double ka metha with the aromatic smell of ghee will attract you towards it.

Overall i would rate them 4/5. Still i felt they can add more item to thier menu like haleem, nombu khanji, chicken 65 etc.

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