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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

“Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself. Delia Smith”

Paprika is one of the famous luxury restaurant in chennai located inside courtyard, They have recently launched a  Arts Festival, Were you can just land up here and enjoy your sunday  with your kids and loved one.

Been Art festival you will be able to see the painting all over the place which is out for sale. even the food stalls over the counters are some how related to the arts.

Some of the painting:

All their painting were so lovely, it gave me a peace of mind by looking at it.

They have also arranged special entertainment for kids with  fancy balloon stalls will surely give your kids a best feel.

Ok now kids are happy how about adults and loved one ?

They have a live music concert going on you can just relax and have your food and drink by listening to them. ” Good Music, Good Food, Good Drink & Relaxed feel “this is what we need the most on Sunday, you can fulfill all this by just landing up here.

Ok Let me share the experience on paprika.

The Moment i just entered i can just hear the music  concert which was going on, they have two singer with pleasant voice just singing my favorite songs which gave me goosebumps, Then one of their staff invited me properly and gave a seat to settle up.

I was just sitting there and relaxing myself with my favorite music then started to check out there food menus in the buffets, Their arrangement just attracted me towards them its was so appealing mainly the desserts <3

Since i Went bit early i was waiting for my friends to join with me, Though its a right time for me to click some good snaps so that i can enjoy the food once they come.

Started my snaps from desserts since it attracted me so much, just loved the way they presented it.

Cheese Cake:

Mousse Cake:

Whipped cream cookies:

Once im done with clicking the desserts i can find my friend have already arrived and with in few mins of talk we started to hog the food, Guess what was the welcome drink  ?

Kiwi Shots with Rum jello:

More than kiwi shots, rum jello can make you high at anytime. both were excellent.Lets come to the Food part now.

Gin syringe:

they filled up the syringe with the gin, with dry ice in the center it just made it smokey, gin was excellent. loved the way they presented it.


They offered two different soups veg and chicken clear soup. i went for chicken soup it was average nothing special with the soup, quite a normal soup.



Chat Lab:

Now its a surely a big surprise for everyone 😀 mainly to the chat lover, They have hell lot of variety of chats from panni puri to dhai puri to bhel puri to pav baji Man just loved it.

Once we are done with the station and side kick we went for the starters ” The Grill Station”

The Grill Station:

They have a Chicken grill station, they way it looks just made my mouth water asked them to serve me a piece of it, The moment i had my first bite i could feel its was dry not juicy but its was so tender which made it easy to chew even though its dry.

Masala on the top it just lack in spice which made it bit plain in taste. Still its a best side kicker for your drink.

Baby Corn Pizza:

” Always say big no to maida” still its pizza man <3, its was a thin crust base with corn n broccoli topping’s, the moment i had the first bite i could feel the base was crispy its supposed to be soft not crispy, they again lagged in seasoning it, pizza was good still its lacks in kicking your taste buds.


Main Course:

Chicken biriyani was excellent just made my day, its was so luscious and gave me a heavenly feeling, Then the Veg fried rice its was perfect in all its way.

Chettinad chicken was too good will make a perfect side kick for roti and nan, chicken was so tender able to chew it easily and its was so rich.

Gosht curry became my favorite among the gravy in this place, just loved it.

Beer Battered Fish:

Forget about oil spill ” this one is the best fish i ever had” its was so fluffy and soft wow its just melted in my mouth, it gave a better after taste with a heavenly feel. Must try it everyone.


Wall Hanging Cake:

“Desserts” buster can be spelled backwards as ” stressed” busters, surely their dessert will make you fall in love with it, choco Tart and velvet cakes are at the peak and chocos mousse cake bow there head to you.

Desserts are the best part of paprika, its  scrumptious.

So over all experience i can rate them 4.5/5 for service, 4.5/5 for the ambience and 3.5/5 for the  food, would rate them 4/5 overall.














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