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My food hunt in OMR started from paradise to hotpot china to famous theory to aloft and finally i landed to rasavid.

Rasavid is so famous with IT peeps coz of their delicious biriyani, been hearing so many good reviews i always wanted to visit this place someone, Finally things got lucky i got the invite from place thanks “rajiv” for the invite.

It was a Sunday brunch, me and my foodie friends landed up here at 1, it was quite empty during that time then the heat kicks up, the whole restaurant got filled up in matter of minutes. Surely its quite famous place for sure.

They welcomed us with the water melon juice, wow been so exhausted with hot sun it gave me a heavenly feel, what a cold welcome 😀 who needs a warm welcome in this summer 😀

Coming to the ambience, it wasn’t appealing for sure it looked like a normal restaurant. Whole place would have been better if they had a proper lighting, blue lights N stuffs gave me feel of having a food in the classy bars.

Coming to the food,Some of their food have made me to add this place to my  my favourite list, wow their starters and main course will surely make ur tummy dance :D.

Let me share how the food tasted here.


Wanton soup:

The soup presentation was so appealing, taste was bit ok, it tasted same like chicken clear soup, it was bit salty, saltiness just messed up the whole soup.


Honestly you might be needing the bigger stomach to try all their starters, Their starters menus are huge, its surely a heaven for food lovers.

Masala Jumbo prawn:

If you are a guy who is looking for some hot and spicy prawn, kindly close your eyes and go for it, it is the most spicy prawn i ever had, it literally made to me order an butter milk. but taste was excellent, they have marinated and seized the masala well. its was little crispy outside and fluffy inside.

Mutton seekh:

This dish became one of my favorite dish here, its was so good and luscious, seriously hats off to the kebab master for their marinating skills, meat was so tender it will melt in your mouth.

Vanjaram Fish Fry:

Again this guys just surprised us totally, one of the  best fish fry i ever had till date, its was prefect in all its way, they have perfectly seized the masala, its was bit fiery still you will seriously love it. they fried it well in a way it was crispy outside and juicy inside.

” Aftertaste lasted longer than i expected”

Chicken Malai kebab:

Both malai chicken and malai panner was soo rich and luscious, chicken was so tender, that made us easy to chew, The taste just made my mouth drool. it will surely give you a mouth watering experiment.

i personally liked malai panner in this, rest of everything seems to be normal.

Hyderabad chicken 65:

Wow this is the first time im tasting the authentic Hyderabad 65, its not a normal 65 which we get in chennai, this tasted far beta than our 65 trust me guys, it was crispy and juicy as well, they have marinated it well. it will be the perfect starters you are in the need of having the different food.

Finally to their Hyderabadiiii Dum Biriyani <3

Hyderabadiiii Dum Biriyani :

Im not a big fan of layered biriyani, still i liked paradise biriyani but this guys just nailed it, i seriously felt Rasavid biriyani is far beta then the one which i had in paradise, They served it properly with the perfect mix of gravy and rice, it was not firey like the paradise biriyani. spiciness was  mild and perfect,
The aromatic smell will give you the mouth watering experience for sure.


Rasavid is not the best place for dessert, i had most of their desserts from “double ka metha to carrot halwa to pot kulfi to falooda”

Double ka Metha:

Double ka metha, which i used to know is totally different, this one seems to be kind of new to me, double ka metha is so called bread halwa, but here they served two cube of fried bread which got dulcified with sugar syrup and flavored it with saffron. Taste was average.

Pot Kulfi:

Normal pot kulfi nothing much to talk about this

Shahi Tukda:

Its was so rich and creamy, but i lacked in crispiness in bread. Still best among the rest.


I dont no what exactly went wrong with the falooda, it doesnt feel like having a falooda.

Even though the desserts have disappointed  us their main course and starters just made our day.

Over all  i would rate them 3.5/5.


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