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New place alert in Chennai

If you want to get high with both drinks and food, I would recommend this place for sure.

This is a new place opened in Ampa skywalk, ambiance of this place is too good which gives you a luxurious feel, more than the ambiance I personally loved Their food from bottom of my heart.

Been a food explorer i have been to many places in Chennai, it quite hard to satisfy my taste buds, but this place did a right job in everything.

It’s a roller coaster for the food lovers. You can get high with cocktails sametime you can just enjoy your luscious food.

I have literally tried most of their menu, each and everything was like woooowww, hats of to the chef who is behind it. Quantity as well as the quantity there menu worth the price tag for sure. This is even a pocket friendly place.

Okies now it’s time, let’s go for a ride

Coming to the cocktails:

Since I went with bunch of my friends, we just ordered about 10 cocktails, let me figure out which the best among those.

Top 3:

Long Island Tea:

They serve the best LIT, Lit can just lit you. Been served bit concentrated it loved the way it was,

Tequila sunrise:

If you are an orange love you can directly go for this drink, this is an jam pack of tequilla, Cointreau and orange juice. It’s was excellent. Loved the way they added Cointreau with tequilla it just enhanced the orange flavour.

Chocolate Berry Martini:

A must try drink here, we know that chocolate can make you high but with vodka it can make you dance.

Coming to the food:

I personally loved this place for food more than ambiance and cocktails, even the price range is not that much expensive you can easily afford it for sure. Each and every dish just amazed me.

To be honest you can just close your eyes and order anything from the menu, I bet it’s going to be luscious for sure.

Ghee prawn toast:

I personally loved there ghee prawn toast and souther spicy lamb its was soo good, prawn was fresh aromatic flavour of ghee in it just made it feel good.

Spicy lamb :

Southern spicy lamb would be a best side kick for sure drink it was excellent, with flavour of southindian masala they cooked it properly, meat was so tender. Loved it.

Grilled chicken Tikka:



Again this one amazed me, I personally felt like thanking the chef for providing us the divined food, chicken was cooked properly and it’s was so tender, marination was excellent. Loved it.

Chilly panner and crispy water chestnut:

This one will give a bliss for the veg Lovers both the dish was excellent, panner was so soft I was able to sense the flavour deep inside it. Crispy water chestnut became my favourite in veg.

Main course:

Mexican chicken pizza:


Been charged just 190rs, the pizza was excellent with the thin crust, they were too generous in adding up the cheese and chicken pieces, they have seasoned it properly. It’s was a scrumptious one for sure.

Grill chicken breast:

This is the must try in this place, chicken was so tender and juicy.An perfectly marinated chicken breast served with fries. I personally loved the marination masala.

Fisher Man Curry :

I never knew they can make fish curry this much yummy, it’s was totally divined, with white rice it went so well. Wow this place just took the food scene to next level.


Brownie and baked cheese cake:

Both of the dessert were good, brownie I felt it was bit hard, it would have been better if the texture was soft. Baked cheese cake was good.

Overall I can rate them 4.5/5.

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