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My hunts for food never stopped in OMR, OMR is surely a roller coaster for food lover it never stop surprising us, The moment i got the invite from this place to try their Food feast i was totally astonished.

Me and some of my foodies  went to this place to have our dinner, The main thing which attracted me towards this place is ambiance, been a rooftop restaurant it just gave me the pleasant feel.

Coming to the service they greeted me properly and gave us the seat to settle, already been completely satisfied with the ambiance and the service, i was quite excited to try their food.

My food feast started with the welcome drink, To my surprise they had my favorite sugar cane juice it was so delightful and refreshing.


Oriental seafood soup:

Seafood soup i was excepting prawn and fish soup, to my surprise it had everything in it, from fish to prawn to squid to octopus :D,soup was bit spicy taste exactly like tom yum soup. prawn was bit chewy and octopus was bit hard, this is the first time im trying an octopus so i couldnt judge how the meat taste like.


I seriously felt all the starters were good and flavorful, they had chicken wings, Fried fish and grilled octopus in the live starters octopus just grabbed by attraction, it was so appealing.

Octopus tasted same like the squid still it gave me the weird feel since i was having it for the first time and the taste was so flavorful and rich.

Main course:

I personally felt the live counter food was good comparing to the food they had on the buffet, they had streamed rice, mandarn chicken, fish in chujan sauce. both the gravy dint match up with the stream rice, though it went so well with thai red curry.

Mandarn chicken i felt it had more flour content, which made it more sticky and blunt.

Coming to the live counter:

They had four different types of noodles you can choose which ever you preffer, from rice noodles to fresh noodles to noba noodles. i choosed rice noodles with corn, capsicum and tofu as a topping.

They cooked it perfectly, its was so good comparing to the stream rice and stuffs.


They had couple of desserts and pastry which actually made my day. Kindly try all their desserts

Pengat pisano one was excellent, it’s a sweetened coconut wrap, you will love it for sure ( i personally felt like having a indian styled khozhukatha)

Overall i can rate them 3.5/5. ambiance 4/5, service 4/5, food 3/5.



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