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New place alert for food lovers.

My hunt for best food never stops, somehow this place surprised me with their innovative milk shakes, quick starters and main course.

This place is located in Bessy, Actually next to thick shake.

Ambiance of the place is excellent, I personally loved their seating arrangement and swing seats, this place was so colorful which will give you the relaxed feel. Even the service was lightning fast.

I have tried some of their food from their menu, let me figure out which you can  try in this place.

Milk Shakes:

Pop corn shake:

I was quite surprised with this shake, it’s literally like drinking a pop corn, loved their innovative ideas. This drink just gave me a bliss feel. its surely a nectarous drink for sure.

Blind shake:

This place holds up a challenge, those who guess the flavor of the shake, this shake is for free of cost. Actually it’s a combination of two flavor, I was able to sense the one of the flavor but I wasn’t able to find the another one. if you think you have a great sense of taste buds you seriously have to try it.


Devils Egg:

This one became my favorite, this one is deep fried boiled egg white with crumbs, its was crispy and  good. They served it with egg yolk, Egg yolk was quite different they mixed up the yolk with mayo and gave it an unique taste. seriously it went so well with the crispy egg white.

Its not a devils egg, its surely a scrumptious egg.

BBQ chicken wings:

Bbq wings were quite normal, they cooked it properly, i left the chicken was bit hard, would have been better if it was more tender.

Spicy chicken pasta:

They served the pasta with huge chicken breast piece with bread toast, it was an excellent combination. The presentation was so appealing, Pasta was damn firey, it deserves its name for sure. Grilled chicken was excellent, meat was so tender loved it. Pasta was cooked properly they made the pasta more saucy.


Dessert Chat:

For all those pani puri lover, how about trying the chocolate pani puri with redvelt stuffing ? stop dropping your jaww down. just drop to blind chemistry and have your pani puri shots.

Overall i can rate them 4/5




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